How it Works

Set aside a portion of each paycheck for future vacations into an FDIC Insured Vacation Savings Account, or “VSA.” These VSA’s are linked to our online social site that allows participants to create trips, invite friends and family, plan, budget, collaborate, and book travel all on one platform!

401(play) Core Features

Company matching &
bonus feature

Planning , Budgeting, and Social Networking

Book Travel Deals and Experiences

Mini Rewards & Recognition System

" Rewarding employees in a meaningful way reduces turnover rates by 31% and rewarded employees are two times less likely to quit. "

~401(play) market research study, July 2020

" A record 768 million U.S vacation days went unused in 2018 resulting in nearly $224 Billion in PTO liability for companies. "

~ U.S. Travel Association, 2019

" Releasing a company-wide memo that reminds employees of their PTO benefits just won’t cut it. You need to put programs and policies in place that actively encourage vacationing and help employees plan and afford their time off. If you want to reduce your accrued PTO liability, the best way is to change your workplace culture to encourage taking time off. "

~ Fortune 500 Sr. HR Executive
What's the big deal, why is it so important to take a vacation?

401(play) is strategic to your organization and impacts key performance metrics that helps grow your company. Who knew “play” was so important?

Employee Benefits
  •     Inspires Employees
  •     Reduce Heart Attack and Stress levels by up to 50%
  •     Brings families closer together
  •     Changes perspective and priorities in life
  •     Improves productivity and efficiency
  •     Simply put; it makes your life happier
Employer Benefits
  •     Promotes less stress, and fewer sick days
  •     Reduced burn-out
  •     More efficient & productive employees
  •     Stronger morale / more engaged
  •     Increased retention rates
  •     Competitive advantage – attracting top talent
Our Mission

Helping organizations achieve business results through the power of play.